November 14, 2012

Scam Alert: iPanelOnline

Updates: I finally received a feedback from iPanelOnline, saying that my account was deleted due to inactivity. Question is I've been participating in many surveys and have accumulated many points. What is considered inactivity? So, guys, please be aware that one day, your account might be deleted as well without warning.

I was a member of iPanelOnline survey web site for over a year and have introduced many friends and acquaintances to this survey site to earn some side income. Things went smoothly for over a year and I managed to withdraw some money from iPanelOnline to my PayPal account twice.

iPanelOnlineHowever, for the past 3 months, I could not login to my account anymore. When i tried to request for lost password, I was notified that my account do not exist. I even tried to contact the customer service of the web site, but so far I've got no response. My account was never restored. This, to me, is a scam. So far, this is the first web site that let me down....scammers!

So, for those who have subscribed to iPanelOnline, do remember to withdraw your money regularly. Even if something screw up later on, you will not regret leaving your cash accumulated with iPanelOnline and they're gone the next day.

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