June 10, 2011

PRUhealth Medical Card Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

PRUhealth is a comprehensive regular premium medical card/rider that can be attached to PRUlink or PRUmy child investment-linked insurance policies from Prudential Malaysia. This medical rider can be purchased by people from 1 to 70 years old next birthday and expires at age 70/80/100, depending on your choice. It rewards the policy holders with No Claims Bonus (NCB) of up to RM500 if there is no medical claims for the policy year. The amount rewarded for NCB will be then used to purchased units in the investment funds linked to your insurance policy. You can also purchase PRUhealth with deductible option of RM3,000 or RM10,000.

You can enhance your medical coverage by attaching other riders (with extra premium) to the PRUhealth medical card as follow:
  1. PRUannual limit waiver: With this rider, you can claim exceeding your annual limit, of which the amount exceeding the annual limit will be subjected to 10% coinsurance fees (except room & board cost). This rider is only available for PRUhealth plan 200/300/400 only.
  2. PRUmedic overseas: With this rider, you can opt for second opinion or treatment in Singapore, China and Hong Kong for conditions related to cancer surgery, neurosurgery, coronary artery bypass, heart valve surgery and kidney/lung/liver/heart/pancreas/bone marrow transplant.
  3. PRUmedic auto upgrade: With this rider, your medical plan will be automatically upgraded to the next medical plan on the 5th and 10th medical rider anniversary. For example, if you purchased PRUhealth 100, on the 6th year, your plan with be auto upgrade to PRUhealth 150. On the 11th year, your plan with be auto upgrade to PRUhealth 200.
  4. PRUmedic retirement: This rider is available for those who purchase PRUhealth plan with deductible option. Upon retirement at age 55 next birthday, the deductible option with be auto converted to coinsurance.

June 5, 2011

ING MediPlus Medical Card Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table - V2

Sometime in 2010, ING revised their medical plans to enhance the annual claims limit with significant premium increment. Since ING is a prominent player in the medical insurance industry, the huge premium increment is a significant development and might lead other insurance companies to fllow suit. This will not be beneficial to the consumers.

If you compare the old medical plan here, there is an increment of 20% of premium for a 30 year old male who purchased the IMPlus 2 cashless medical plan, in exchange for a mere 10,000 increment in annual limit. This does not sound like a good deal for the consumers to me!

Detailed schedule of benefits and premium table for the revised ING MediPlus medical plans are as follow:

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