October 16, 2009

Do I Still Need Insurance Coverage After Retirement?

By the time we reach our retirement age, most of or children would have graduated from school or at least reaching tertiary level. Then some of us might wonder, do we still need insurance coverage? Speaking from personal experience, my dad terminated all his insurance coverage a few years after his retirement. I dont have the chance to ask him on why he terminated all his coverage, but i would assume that by then he doesn't see the need for having insurance coverage anymore.

So, the question is: do i still need insurance after my retirement? First of all, review what coverage you have in your insurance policy. Then, decide on which part of insurance that you still think that is critical for you post retirement.

October 12, 2009

New Launch: Hwang-DBS Global Allocation Fund Series

Hwang-DBS Investment Management has just introduced a new unit trust series, Global Allocation Fund (GAF), which consists of Global Growth Allocation fund and Global Balanced Allocation Fund. This asset allocation fund series intend to gain exposure to money markets, bonds, equities, real estate and commodity markets via exchange traded funds (ETF) and other financial instruments, such as exchange traded notes (ETN) and listed securities.

Below is some of the summary information for Global Growth and Global Balanced Allocation series:

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