September 1, 2011

Asset Allocation - End June 2011

Portfolio review for Q2 2011 has been way overdue and I would like to apologize for the delay in updates to my portfolio holdings and its performance.

As compared to my portfolio in Q1 2011, there is some minor changes to the fund compositions in my Q2 2011 portfolio. I've switched my OSK-UOB Asian Growth Opportunities Fund (AGO) to OSK-UOB Resources Fund (RESO) as I feel that AGO fund is too volatile for my liking, even though i was making some profit on this fund. I've decided to concentrate my Asia Pacific ex-Japan exposure to only a single fund, Public Far East Select Fund (PFES).

Since I've switched to OSK-UOB Resources Fund (RESO), this fund will be my main fund for exposure to resources sector, although the resources exposure is limited to AP ex-Japan region, as compared to the global nature of previous holding of Pacific Global Agriculture, Infrastructure & Resources Fund (GAIR). I've disposed off GAIR fund in Q2 due to lack of performance as well as limited fund size.

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