February 6, 2012

Hong Leong Assurance MedGLOBAL IV Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) MedGLOBAL IV is a guaranteed renewable comprehensive medical plan that covers your hospital and surgical needs up to age 85 years old. HLA MedGLOBAL IV medical card can be purchased as a standalone medical card, as a rider to traditional life insurance policy or as a rider to investment-linked policy.

The advantages of HLA MedGLOBAL IV medical card is listed as below:
  1. Guaranteed renewable up to 85 years old.
  2. No co-insurance.
  3. High annual and lifetime limit.
  4. Cancer treatment, kidney dialysis and organ transplant cost, subject to annual and lifetime limit.
  5. A good list of panel hospitals.

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