May 25, 2011

UPDATED: Allianz Powerlink MediCover Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

MediCover is the hospitalization and surgical/medical plan rider within Allianz Powerlink investment-linked life policy. This ILP has been pretty popular lately due to its affordability. Some of the selling points for this MediCover medical plan are:

  1. Coverage until 80 years old - which is more than sufficient for most people.
  2. No co-insurance within the limit of room & board rate
  3. 10 times lifetime limit
  4. Outpatient cancer & kidney dialysis treatment subject to annual limit
  5. Maximum 150 days of hospitalization in normal ward
  6. Affordable cost of insurance - at the publishing time, this MediCover medical plan charges one of the lowest fees for medical coverage. However, this cost of insurance is not guaranteed to be level premium.
Allianz Powerlink MediCover Schedule of Benefits
* Just changed to revised schedule of benefits

Allianz Powerlink MediCover Schedule of Benefits

Allianz Powerlink MediCover Schedule of Benefits

Allianz Powerlink MediCover Premium Table
* Premium table is still based on previous schedule of benefits listed here. Will update as soon as i get hold of the latest premium table.

Allianz Powerlink Medicover Premium Table

Note: In the quotation that i got from Allianz, the medical plan is quoted until age 65 only and at age 65, the cash value for my 35k sum assured + MediCover 200 plan only has about 2000 - 3000 left (assuming minimum returns of 2.5%). So please be aware that there is very high likelihood that you need to top up the premium in order to sustain the life/medical coverage beyond age 65.

To view the comparison of this medical plan with other leading medical cards in the market, please visit this article.

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.


Anonymous said...

just received allianz statement. the unit purchase at higher price and later when minus the cost of the insurance, all the rider unit price bought at lower price. i just wonder why is is like that.

Anonymous said...

hi, prudential clearly say that their medical card is guarantee renewal in theair policy. look for the same clause in allianz powerlink, it is written in different way. is it meaning is is not guarantee renewal

Anonymous said...

may i know does allianz offer standalone medic card? the premium n benefit table displayed is standalone or rider plan? th

jutamind said...

If i'm not mistaken, there's a standalone medical card from Allianz called Allianz Care, which is not guaranteed renewal.

The table shown above is for Powerlink investment-linked policy, ie MediCover is a rider plan.

Anonymous said...

please kindly update the latest Allianz medicover rate, asap. TQVM

jutamind said...

Hi there,

I'm not an agent, so i do not have access to such premium info. If you do have such info, please mail it to me jutamind at

Anonymous said...

When was the Benefits have changed?
The Plan 200 life time limit used to be RM750,000.

Does the 'old' insured will be upgraded?

Eddy said...

Hi all,

Allianz do have standalone medical card under Powerlink policy... can email or whatsapp or line me at this number is you want further information... 012-3009968 or email

For those who wants the rate feel free to drop me an email or whatsapp or line me...

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