December 27, 2011

AXA Affin Medical Care Plus Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

Medical Care Plus from AXA Affin Life Insurance is a comprehensive medical rider that is designed to cover the cost of hospitalisation and surgical up to age 81 years old. AXA Affin Medical Care Plus medical rider can be purchased either attached to a level term insurance that last until 80 years old (T80) or as a non par medical rider attachable to investment-linked Life plan.

The unique features and advantages of AXA Affin Medical Care Plus medical plan is listed as below:
  1. Guaranteed renewal
  2. No co-insurance.
  3. No lifetime limit, except for those coverage listed in the Section C of Schedule of Benefits below.
  4. High annual limit, up to RM500,000.
  5. A good list of panel hospitals, at least comparable to those from leading insurance companies.

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