March 29, 2014

AIA A-Plus Med Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

AIA A-Plus Med is the replacement medical insurance plan from AIA Malaysia, superceeding the previous medical insurance, AIA Excelcare Plus and Medicare Plus. AIA A-Plus Med o ffers beneļ¬ts that matches the offerings from other insurance companies' medical insurance plans.

In a nutshell, AIA A-Plus Med insurance plan offers:
  1. Coverage until 100 years old.
  2. Increasing annual limit (for Room & Board 150 and above): Initial annual limit will be increased by 5% every 2 years starting from the third policy year, for 20 policy years, provided that there is no claims or claims not exceeding RM5,000 over the last 2 policy years.
  3. No lifetime limit.
  4. Zero co-insurance and deductibles.
  5. Hassle-free hospital admission card.
  6. Options to include/children (up to max 4 children) into a single medical insurance plan.

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