May 25, 2011

UPDATED: Allianz Powerlink MediCover Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

MediCover is the hospitalization and surgical/medical plan rider within Allianz Powerlink investment-linked life policy. This ILP has been pretty popular lately due to its affordability. Some of the selling points for this MediCover medical plan are:

  1. Coverage until 80 years old - which is more than sufficient for most people.
  2. No co-insurance within the limit of room & board rate
  3. 10 times lifetime limit
  4. Outpatient cancer & kidney dialysis treatment subject to annual limit
  5. Maximum 150 days of hospitalization in normal ward
  6. Affordable cost of insurance - at the publishing time, this MediCover medical plan charges one of the lowest fees for medical coverage. However, this cost of insurance is not guaranteed to be level premium.

May 23, 2011

Better to Rent or Buy a Property Now?

With the ever escalating property prices in Malaysia nowadays, a lot of genuine property buyers (especially first time buyers) must be wondering: should i buy or rent a property in view of sky high property prices? You must have read or heard a zillion arguments on why you should buy a property NOW because there's an old saying that property prices will only stagnant and not go down even during economic downturn.

To be fair, I'll try to weigh the advantages of buying and renting a property and form a conclusion at the end of the article based on my own opinion. Take these opinions with a pinch of salt and draw your own conclusion on whether buying or renting a property is more apt for you.

Here's why you should buy a property now:

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