June 5, 2011

ING MediPlus Medical Card Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table - V2

Sometime in 2010, ING revised their medical plans to enhance the annual claims limit with significant premium increment. Since ING is a prominent player in the medical insurance industry, the huge premium increment is a significant development and might lead other insurance companies to fllow suit. This will not be beneficial to the consumers.

If you compare the old medical plan here, there is an increment of 20% of premium for a 30 year old male who purchased the IMPlus 2 cashless medical plan, in exchange for a mere 10,000 increment in annual limit. This does not sound like a good deal for the consumers to me!

Detailed schedule of benefits and premium table for the revised ING MediPlus medical plans are as follow:

Revised Schedule of Benefits (updated: May 2011)
ING MediPlus Schedule of Benefits
* As of May 2011 review, lifetime limit is increased.

Revised Premium Table (updated: May 2011)
* As of May 2011 review, the policy can be renewed up to age 85 next birthday.

To view the comparison of this medical plan with other leading medical cards in the market, please visit this article.

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.


ken said...

Hi there, Can you compare it with ING latest medical card which got co-insurance? and their annual limit is x 10 compared to previous one

jutamind said...

thank you for letting me know of the new development. since i'm not an agent, i might not have the latest info.

i will try to get these latest info as soon as i have some time. should i have it, then i will post it in my blog.

Ken said...

I still thinking which company suit me the most. your information would help me alot. thx.

richard wong said...

Hi...anyone interested with ing insurance, u may email me for further info..thanks . Regard Richard Wong. , my email address is ing.richardwong@gmail.com

jutamind said...

Hi Richard,

Do let me know if the ING medical card info in the article has been updated in the future. Just for sharing info with other users.

Amy said...

Hi jutamind, if anyone who wld have given you the accurate info i believe only s1 from ING is able to do so... :)

As Ken have mentioned, there is an additional med plan tat our has-whc has to be attached to an investment-linked plan. Quite true, its lifetime limit is 10x of annual limit. Tis can b purchased on top of an existing Mediplus Plan. Y? Becos all insurance companies wld want to push investm-linked plan!

I m not sure if u r aware , but, for a med plan once purchased the insurer will not allowed to convert it to their current med plan (for purpose of 'Illness Waiting Period' and such)--so for those of us who has purchased it for more than 10 yrs ago the coverage (as per premium charged then) is no longer relevent with current cost of medical charges. hence, when they increase the premium they also top-up the limit. Tis current 'revised' has been allowed for those of us who still holding the AHM plan, but only for a duration of 1 year for tis conversion.

Rgds, Amy (IPG)

jutamind said...

Thanks Amy for the clarification.

Obviously, all the cost of insurance info are quite tightly guarded by the insurance companies, and hence as a non agent, it is very difficult for me to get the latest info.

So, for those who wants to share the latest info on medical card anonymously, do give me a buzz.


Anonymous said...

can it come as standalone medical card?

jutamind said...

yes, you can buy them as standalone medical card.

Anonymous said...

how come my agent said must come with other sheme.. i've already had this medical card which came standalone few years back.. with new addition in my life (wife+baby) i would like to give them the same protection also.. but the agent said for wife must come with critical illness coverage (additional 1k for tiny 30k coverage which is not worth at all)and for baby must come with education saving (another 1k for ROI lower than EPF).. sigh..

jutamind said...

from the sound of it, your agent is just trying to push new policies for you.

depending on your needs, you will need to get just the medical card for your wife and baby or whole package (life+CI+med card) for them.

you can always ask some other ING agent to double confirm on your agent's comments.

Anonymous said...

ok, will do.. thanks jutamind for sharing.. :)

pris.C said...

your agent might just help you for the payment frequency.
i mean if you purchase standalone medical plan, the payment frequency has to be yearly.
whereas, if attach with other plan, it can be paid on monthly, quaterly or semi-annually basis.

Liza said...

Hi jutamind. Your blog is very helpful! The comments are honest, factful and thoughtful..keep up the good work!

leong said...

Hi jutamind ,thanks for info.can i ask i hve an ing medical card lifetime 210k and annual 70k. Is this sufficient.? If i take additional shld it be an investment link or stand alone. What is investment link?i am age 52. I guess the premium v high. Any advice on the company?.aia ,Peru,alliance,.ge?leong

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