December 22, 2011

How to earn side income from online surveys

Updates as of 20 Mar, 2012: New proof of payment at the end of the article!

Side IncomeTimes are hard with the food and oil prices going up by the days. All of us are feeling the pinch and  worse thing is our pockets are shrinking while our income remain fairly stagnant for years. So, what does most of us do? It's most likely that most of us will start thinking of generating side income to supplement our income from our employment. The most common part time jobs that we can think of is normally selling unit trusts, selling insurance or even multi level marketing. Don't get me wrong! These part time jobs can be very lucrative if you really put in the effort. You might be seeing your first million if you are successful!

But, for those lazy bums like me, those part time jobs are not for me. Not that I'm not willing to put in the effort, but more of not too suitable for my personality. So for those fella who's shy and lack of initiative, so how do you generate a bit of side income while lazing at home?

Here's how! For the past one year plus, I've been earning some rewards through participating in online surveys, especially those surveys related to Malaysian context. Some of the rewards offered by these survey web sites are cash vouchers by Parkson/Jusco/hypermarkets, dining vouchers and etc. Depending on your profile and surveys available, you might get one or two surveys in a week. A short survey might take you 10 - 15 minutes, while a long survey will take you 30 - 45 minutes to complete. Completed surveys will earn you points which you can use to redeem for rewards.

Ok, ok, I heard someone complaining that you "only" get rewards like cash/dining vouchers for completing online surveys. But, hey, for lazy bums like us who hardly wanna move our arse for anything, this is better than nothing, right?

Here's a sample of survey web site that you can join. Just click on this link and sign up!

So, for those who's interested in generating some side income, albeit with a little effort from you, do drop me a mail at this email address.

PS: Some of you might be concerned that i might spam you or trick you into some ponzi scheme. Worry not! These web sites are valid web sites and I've redeemed some cash/vouchers from some of these web sites before.

The reason why i didnt list all the web sites in this article is that I'm trying to earn referral points from each new subscription in the survey web sites. Hey, I'm no saint! I'm trying to create a win-win situation here. I introduce side income generating web sites to you and i earn some referral points. Fair?!

So, why hesitate now? Contact me now!

Here's the proof of payment for one of the survey site that I've participated in:


Anonymous said...

do i need to have a paypal account?

jutamind said...

i think so far for the survey web sites i joined, only ipanelonline needs paypal for payment. the rest can be redeemed for cash/vouchers.

silentmoneymaker said...

it's great...but need work hard...congrats....

jutamind said...

well, i guess no pain no gain :)

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