December 12, 2011

ING Prime MediPlus Rider Schedule of Benefits

As many of the consumers are aware of, ING Malaysia has a very popular standalone cashless medical card called ING MediPlus of which a patient only needs to pay a nominal fee of RM50 per admission to hospital, subject to the annual limit of his/her medical plan.

ING Malaysia has recently launched a derivative medical plan called Prime MediPlus. Prime MediPlus is a medical rider plan that can only be purchased together with investment-linked Prime Life or Prime EduLife insurance plan. You can either opt for cashless or pay-first-claim-later medical card for this medical rider plan.

What is the advantage of this Prime MediPlus medical rider plan?
  1. 10x higher lifetime limit, as compared to the standalone MediPlus which has lifetime limit of only 3x of annual limit.
  2. No claims bonus: depending on the medical plan you choose, you can have up to RM260 worth of investment-linked units credited to your insurance policy in the subsequent policy year, if no medical claims have been made in the previous policy year. Standalone ING MediPlus does not have such feature/benefit.
  3. Slightly higher annual limit of plan PMP2 and PMP3: the annual limit of medical rider plan PMP2 and PMP3 is RM120k and RM180k, as compared to MediPlus annual limit of RM110k and RM160k respectively.

Drawback of Prime MediPlus medical rider plan

Co-insurance: 10% co-insurance per disability or per visit (for cancer/kidney related out-patient treatment), subject to a minimum of RM300 and maximum of RM1000.


Even though the only drawback of this Prime MediPlus medical rider plan is co-insurance of 10%, however, the financial impact of this 10% co-insurance could be much larger than the savings that you get for the combination of no-claims bonus and potential lower cost of insurance for such co-insurance medical rider plan over the long term. This is especially so if you are diagnosed with cancer/kidney related out-patient treatment which charges co-insurance per visit.

Anyhow, this is just my personal view and in no way indicate that you should take my view in toto. Take these info and analyze them in your situation and see whether this medical rider plan fits your requirements, as i always believe that there's no such best medical plan in the market, but only the best medical plan that fits your needs.

You can find the schedule of benefit of Prime MediPlus rider as follow:

ING Prime MediPlus Rider
Since this is a medical rider plan attached to an investment-linked insurance policy, the cost of insurance depends on a multiple of factors. Therefore, it is advisable for you to refer to your ING agent to get a quote.

If there is an ING agent who's willing to provide me with cost of insurance for this medical rider plan, do contact me here.

To view the comparison of this medical plan with other leading medical cards in the market, please visit this article.

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.

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