April 8, 2011

UPDATES: AIA Excelcare Plus and Medicare Plus Medical Card Schedule of Benefits and Premium Table

Below is the schedule of benefits and premium table for AIA Excelcare Plus(ECP) and Medicare Plus(MCP) medical plan. MCP basically extends the benefits of ECP medical plan by having larger coverage/allowance for kidney dialysis, cancer treatment, daily cash allowance at general hospital, daily guardian benefits, emergency accidental outpatient treatment, and emergency evacuation benefit. The additional benefit for MCP if compared to just ECP only is the coverage for home nursing care.

ECP and MCP medical plans now cover the package for the whole family, insured & spouse only, male insured and children only, and female insured and children only. The schedule of benefits for ECP and MCP medical plans for family related packages are the same as normal single person package, but the premium charged will be different as listed below.

The following information is valid as of today.

Updates: Added ECP premium tables for male, female and family related medical plans and also added ECP and MCP premium tables for family related plans.

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