March 19, 2012

PruFlexi Med Schedule of Benefits

Hot off the shelf, Prudential recently launched its latest medical rider, PruFlexi Med, that can be attached to PruLink One or PruLife Ready investment-linked policies. PruFlexi Med is another alternative medical plan to the existing PruHealth medical rider. In fact, both PruHealth and PruFlexi Med are pretty similar in terms of coverage.

So, what is PruFlexi Med medical rider all about? The list below briefly summarize the features of this new medical rider:

  1. Highly customizable medical plan to suit your medical needs - in terms of the daily room & board rate and annual limit.
  2. No co-insurance, but can opt for zero or RM300 deductible.
  3. No more 20% payment/penalty if exceed room & board (R & B) rate - if you stay in the room with higher than your R & B rate, you only need to top up the difference. If you stay in a room with lower R & B rate, Prudential will reimburse you the difference.
  4. Lifetime limit = 20x annual limit.
  5. If compared to PruHealth, PruFlexi Med has higher ICU coverage (60d) and pre-hospitalization treatment days (90d).
Following is the schedule of benefits of PruFlexi Med medical rider. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to list down  the premium table for this medical rider due to 112 coverage combinations.

PruFlexi Med Schedule of Benefits

In summary, is PruFlexi Med suitable for you? In my opinion, if you are looking purely from cost of the medical rider point of view, probably PruHealth with the combination of No Claims Bonus (NCB) will make the medical plan cheaper, but you lose out on the flexibility of PruFlexi Med and no 20% payment/penalty if you exceed your R & B daily rate.

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for this update. In your summary conclusion, do you think that this PruFlexi Med will somehow be more expensive than PruHealth rider?

In comparison, Pru is already on higher range premium compared with other brands...


jutamind said...

I will update my medical card comparison article ( soon and there you will find out about the premium for PruFlexi Med.

Anonymous said...

is there an insurance company which provide a medical insurance for outpatient services in a hospital?


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