January 1, 2012

Tokio Marine Medic Plus - Affordable Supplemental Medical Card

Are you constantly looking for the best medical card in the market? More often than not, you will find that some of the available medical cards have pretty extensive coverage but always lack in some other aspects such as out-patient kidney dialysis and cancer treatments. Even if you can find the perfect medical card, the cost of maintainig this medical card could be too prohibitive over the long term.

An alternative to finding the best medical card is to find one medical card that is the most suitable for you, and then find another supplemental medical card that can cover for whatever that is lacking in the first medical card. That is where Tokio Marine Medic Plus medical plan comes into the picture.

TOkio Marine Medic Plus
Tokio Marine Medic Plus is designed to complement and provide protection as a secondary level of cover to the Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance that you may have purchased or where you are covered by a policy arranged by your employer.

Some of the advantages of this Tokio Marine Medic Plus medical card are listed as follow:
  1. Guaranteed renewal after 12 months claims-free period.
  2. High coverage limit at affordable premium.
  3. 30% automatic increase in annual limit if subscribe to Medic Plus for > 2 consecutive years.
  4. Kidney dialysis, cancer treatment, organ transplant, physiotheraphy and home nursing care are covered, subject to annual and lifetime limit.
  5. Claims is based on as charged basis, as opposed to reasonable and customary charges basis.
  6. No re-declaration of health status upon renewal.
  7. Most major cost of treatments are claimable as charged.
The disadvantages of this Tokio Marine Medic Plus medical card are listed as follow:
  1. High deductible per disability of RM10,000 for private hospitals and RM5,000 for government hospitals.
  2. Limited list of panel hospitals.
The only reason why Tokio Marine Medic Plus is kept at very affordable premium is due to its deductible characteristic. You can always claim the first RM10,000 of your medical expenses using the medical plan provided by your employer or claim it out from your primary medical card, and the remaining sum of medical expenses, claim it from Medic Plus medical card.

As i always said, there's no perfect or best medical card in the market. Only the most suitable medical card for you. Tokio Marine Medic Plus is probably the only supplemental medical plan out there in Malaysia that complements your primary medical card or the medical plan covered by your employer.

Tokio Marine Medic Plus Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table
Tokio Marine Medic Plus Schedule of Benefits & Premium Table

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.


james said...

"High deductible per disability of RM10,000 for private hospitals and RM5,000 for government hospitals." What is the meaning? Can give example?

jutamind said...

this means that if you are hospitalized for a heart surgery, you will need to pay the first RM10k of the hospital bill. If you are subsequently hospitalized for illness related to the same heart surgery, you will not need to pay the 10k again.

If you are hospitalized in public hospital, the deductible is 5k.

james said...

For your information, "This policy however carries a deductible of RM10,000 per disability per year" and "You will be compensated on reimbursement basis on the actual amount incurred subject to the limit specified in the policy. You cannot make multiple claims on medical expenses."

It allows us to claim 1st rm10000 using other med card and then the rest claim using tokio marime medic plus?

jutamind said...

Yes, you cannot claim the first 10k of hospital bill from 2 different insurers, since the payment is on reimbursement basis.

Nancy said...

The cost of insurance is monthly or annual?

jutamind said...

Hi Nancy,

The premium listed in the table is annual premium.

Teh relatively cheaper premium is due to the deductible nature of the medical card.

hc said...

How many type of medical cards do they offer ?

jutamind said...

@hc, you may visit their site for more product details: http://www.tokiomarine.com/my/en/personal/discover.html

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