September 20, 2009

ING IMPlus Medical Card Schedule of Benefits & Premium - V1

Updates: ING has revised its MediPlus medical plans in 2010. For updated info on this revised medical plans, please read this article.

IMPlus is the medical plan from ING Insurance which can be bought as a standalone medical card or as a medical rider in other insurance policy. This medical plan which covers the patient up to 70 years old, only charge RM50 for any hospitalization within the annual limit and can be considered the leading medical card in the market nowadays. Below is the schedule of benefits for this medical card and its premium table. The information presented below is correct as of time of publish:

ING IMPlus Schedule of Benefits

ING IMPlus Premium Table

* Updates: If you have ING Prime Life Insurance, you may attach UL Mediplus rider to extend your medical coverage up to 80 years old.

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.


Anonymous said...

hi, may i now what does self-insured deductible mean? thanks.

jutamind said...

Thanks for reading the blog.

In the case of ING MediPlus (IMPlus) medical plans, the deductible is only RM50 irregardless of medical expenses incurred during the hospitalization. In other words, you only have to fork out RM50 per hospitalization, if the medical fees are within the annual/lifetime limit.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply. are you a ING insurance agent? i would like to buy a medical plan.. could you please share me the medical plan that currently offered by ING? thanks a lot.

jutamind said...

no, i'm not the insurance agent. you may check out the latest ING medical plans in this article:

You may also visit other articles in my blog regarding medical cards from AIA and Allianz.

Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible said...

I have a problem here.
I bought ING policy on 2005.
Currently, ING requesting no-claim policy member to upgrade their medical card policy to 2011. I have the choice to upgrade or stay at the same.

I talked to my agent...and she said its my advantage to upgrade. Thus, I trusted her and proceed the change.

Now, the problem is, when I read your blog and do further checking. I noticed that my medical policy have to pay yearly (instead of monthly like as usual). The problem is when I look at the age section. By the time I reach 60, I have to pay 3k per year....which is extremely high since the policy only can cover me max 300k.

My question is, my current policy..I been paying RM200 monthly (with include life+investment+medical card)... the investment suppose to cushion the premium price rise if i stick to old policy...but now i switch to new policy...what will happen to the investment?

jutamind said...

Hi there,

When you upgrade to new medical plan, you will get better coverage and of course you will have to pay higher premium for that. This happens to all insurance companies in Malaysia.

I believe all investment linked insurance in the market today allows the flexibility to pay monthly, although some might add admin fees if you opt for monthly/quarterly. Do check back with your agent or other ING agents in the forum or call ING directly.

When you switch to new medical plan, your investment in the policy remains where they are, except that you will incur higher cost of insurance for the premium of the new medical plan. This also means that your units in the policy will deplete faster than your old medical plan. Over the long term, your units might not be able to cover the premium of your policy if the fund you chose underperform.

What you can do is to monitor the number of units in your policy. If it's really low, then you can do a one time top up of a couple of thousand, and that can normally last you for quite a number of years.

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