July 27, 2011

Cash Back Credit Card Comparison

Since the introduction of government service tax of RM50 per credit card last year, many credit card issuers have introduced cash rebate credit cards to offset the effect of such service tax. Generally, there are 2 trends for cash rebate credit card. One group of banks came out with cash rebate credit card with high rebate percentage (mainly up to 5% rebates) for certain category of spending but with a maximum rebates per month of typically RM50, while the remaining banks have cash rebate card with low rebate percentage but with no rebates cap.

With so many cash rebate credit cards introduced in the market, consumers are spoilt with choices. One point to note is that there is NO best cash rebate credit card in the market. The best cash rebate credit card is the one which gives you the maximum rebates depending on your monthly spending. Therefore, before selecting any cash rebate card, you should list out what are your expenses per month and how much do you spend for each of these categories.

The following table compares the features of some of the popular cash rebate credit cards in the market. Only credit cards which feature permenant rebates are included in the comparison. Those credit cards with cash rebates time-limited promotions will be excluded. The information published below shall be updated from time to time to reflect changes to the card features.

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Based on my monthly spending pattern and amount, I would say OCBC Titanium and Maybank 2 credit cards are the most suitable for me. In my opinion, if you typically spend around RM1500 for your food, groceries, and bills, then OCBC Titanium, Maybank 2, and  UOB One credit cards might be suitable for your needs. If you are a big spender, then those credit cards with no maximum limit such as HLB Essential fits in nicely into your monthly spending pattern.

For more information about OCBC Titanium cash back credit card, you may lookup here.


Peter Lim said...

There's also UOB Vox Card, which gives 3% rebate if your previous month's spending is above 8k.

The Cash Rebate is capped at RM 1,000 per year. Also, your 1st bill of the month would enjoy 5% rebate (up to RM 200 retail transaction), and your RM 6 monthly charge is waive as well.

I find that this card is good if you have large insurance premiums which you can plan your expenses in such a way to charge 8k on a month, followed by 33k the following month to get the 3% rebate fully.

jutamind said...

Thank you for your feedback. I will try to do some research and add it into the table if i can find sufficient data.

hooi1983 said...

the SCB Biz can earn 1 point with RM1 spent.
and HLB Ess & SCB Biz not entitle any cash back from petrol spending.

jutamind said...

Hi hooi1983,

Thanks for the info. I've updated the spreadsheet.

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