April 19, 2011

Great Eastern Smart Medic Medical Card Schedule of Benefits and Premium Table

Updated 10 December 2012: Increased overall lifetime limit to 10x of annual limit.

Smart Medic is the comprehensive medical rider (aka medical card) for investment-linked insurance plans from Great Eastern which protects you medically until you are 80 years old next birthday.

One of the unique selling point for Great Eastern Smart Medic is the no claims increment of annual limit. This means that if you dont claim for medical expenses every 3 policy years, your annual limit will be increased 10%.

The table below will explain the no claims increment of annual limit, assuming that one purchased a SM 200 medical plan.
Great Eastern Smart Medic: Examples of No Claims Bonus
Early this year, Great Eastern has enhanced Smart Medic rider by shorterning the period for no claims increment of annual limit from 5 policy years to 3 policy years, increase the entry age from 60 years old to 65 years old, and put a cap of RM3,000 to the maximum co-insurance payable if you exceed the Room & Board charge.

Smart Medic Schedule of Benefits

Great Eastern Smart Medic Schedule of Benefits

Smart Medic Premium Table

Smart Medic Premium Table
To view the comparison of this medical plan with other leading medical cards in the market, please visit this article.

Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent for the most up to date information.


james said...
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james said...

Do you got comparison of stand alone medical card between few insurance company?

jutamind said...

you may refer to this link:


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can get a list of insurance charges for the Smart Medic riders like the Smart Medic Enhancer and the Premium Waiver?


jutamind said...

when you ask the proposal from the GE agent, it will be stated in the proposal. the service charges are normally stated based on age.

Anonymous said...

Great Eastern Med Card for SM200 the Lifetime Limit now are 1.2Mil..pls update

Jutamind said...


Do you have any further details on the upgrade of GE medical card package?

If you do, do send the info to jutamind@gmail.com. Updated insurance info will do the consumers good.

Lee Sui Ping said...

i do interest in SM 200 & SM300 , female age below 30. Can you send the relevant info and current annual charge

Jutamind said...

Hi Lee Sui Ping,

I'm not an insurance agent, so i cant provide you with any insurance info. You need to approach any GE agent for such info.

Anonymous said...

I'm Keith from Great Eastern, if you're looking for Great Eastern insurance, feel free to call/whatsapp 016 332 3290. I look forward to help you.

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