April 1, 2009

Distribution for Pacific Mutual's funds

Pacific Mutual Fund Bhd has declared RM9.25 million income distribution for five of its funds for the financial year ended March 31.

It said on April 1 the funds involved were the Pacific Pearl Fund, Pacific Dana Aman, Pacific Dana Murni, Pacific Cash Fund and Pacific Asia Brands Fund.

For the Pacific Pearl Fund, the income distribution is 2.5 sen per unit while for Pacific Dana Aman (0.5 sen), Pacific Dana Murni (1.5 sen), Pacific Cash Fund (0.4 sen) and Pacific Asia Brands Fund (1 sen).

The distribution yields for investors based on the net asset value (NAV) per unit prior to the distribution is 4.42% for Pacific Pearl Fund, Pacific Dana Aman (1.4%), Pacific Dana Murni (2.84%), Pacific Cash Fund (0.79%) and Pacific Asia Brands Fund (3.17%).

Pacific Mutual general manager, business development and marketing Gary Gan said last year was truly a tumultuous year for investors as global markets capitulated, in some cases, wiping out the entire gains from the previous five-year bull run in a single year of economic distress amidst an unprecedented financial crisis.

Gan said despite the obvious tough investment conditions, Pacific Mutual could be able to offer consistent payouts to its investors.

Pacific Mutual manages 19 funds, including six global funds and two wholesale funds. It also manages private funds under its asset management business.

Source: TheEdge Malaysia

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