April 7, 2009

Asset Allocation - End of March

As mentioned in the previous post, my initial target allocation of my unit trust funds is as follow:

However, on end of March, I've modified my target allocations to increase the percentage of Public Far East Select Fund (PFES) from 7% to 10% and on the same time, reduce the weight age of OSK KLCI Tracker (Tracker) fund to 10%. This is due to expected positive outlook of returns for Asia Pacific markets and rather subdue performance of Bursa Malaysia of late. The new target asset allocation of my portfolio is as below:

Below is the asset allocation of my unit trust funds portfolio as of end of March.

As you can see, most of my funds are still underperforming and below my target asset allocation percentage, except for fixed income funds. As for Pheim Income Fund, I have yet to reduce the weight age of this fund in my portfolio since this fund has been holding up well to act as a performance buffer to my overall portfolio and also due to the volatility of stock markets. PFES and HGEMF are also performing well in March by gaining 6% and 8% respectively in my portfolio.

I do foresee more investments in those funds which are below the targeted allocation in the coming months especially when the market corrects heavily. I am looking at the window of opportunity sometime in April or May which had seen very selloff for the past two to three years.

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