March 19, 2009

My Unit Trust Portfolio

I began to construct my unit trust investment portfolio beginning end of June last year and below are some of my holdings in the portfolio.

  1. OSK-UOB Cash Management Fund (CMF)
  2. Pheim Income Fund (PIF)
  3. PB Fixed Income Fund (PBFI)
  4. Public Far-East Select Fund (PFES)
  5. Public SmallCap Fund (PSmallCap)
  6. OSK-UOB KLCI Tracker (Tracker)
  7. Hwang-DBS Global Emerging Market Fund (HGEMF)
  8. AmOasis Global Islamic Equity Fund (AmOasis)
  9. HLG Global Value Fund (GVF)
  10. ING Global Real Estate Fund (IGREF)
The main reason for having this portfolio is to construct a group of funds that invest in different niche areas of the stock markets locally and around the world, based on the following requirements:
  • Local funds vs foreign funds
  • fixed income vs equity
  • for local equity funds, blue chip vs smallcap
  • for global funds, equity vs properties
  • for global funds, developed markets vs emerging markets
  • asian fund
My targeted allocation % is shown in the pie chart below.

I will try to report on the fund performances and actual allocation percentage at every month end. Keep coming back for the latest reviews!

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