March 20, 2009

OSK-UOB Energy Fund

OSK-UOB launched a new fixed income fund that invest up to 90% of the NAV in fixed income related instruments, such as bonds, money market funds and deposits with financial institutions. Another portion (up to 10%) of the NAV will be invested in the structured instruments that track global energy factor.

Summary of the fund is as below:
  • Sales charge: up to 5%
  • Minimum initial investment: RM1,000
  • Minimum additional investment: RM100
For more details, click on the title on this posting.

Comments: Personally, I would not invest in this fund due to the following reasons:
  1. Does not fit into my investment objective/portfolio
  2. High sales charge for fixed income fund
  3. High risks for those who wants to invest in fixed income fund
  4. Energy sector might not be in favour due to current economic turmoil. Therefore, there might be some performance lag for the fund in the immediate term.

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