March 9, 2012

iHerb Review: My Experience with Online Vitamins Purchase

Updates (29 Mar, 2014): I've been using DHL Express shipping services with a minimum cost of USD 8 for around 1.5kg of parcel weight. Shipment will arrive in 4 - 5 days and so far I have no issues with Malaysian Custom Department.

I've been buying vitamins and supplements from our friendly neighbourhood stores and pharmacies for as long as i can remember. However, I've been pondering recently whether i should try to source for vitamins and supplements online for cheaper alternatives. I stumbled across one of the larger online vitamins and supplements store that shipped to Malaysia at a very reasonable freight charge, iHerb.

I digged through the Web and found some reviews on the online store iHerb, here and here. With quite promising reviews from the consumers, I took the plunge and ordered 3 bottles of fish oil capsules from iHerb. The amazing thing is the price of the fish oils are so much cheaper AND the shipping cost to Malaysia is only USD 4 via International Airmail (depending on the shipment weight). The drawback is that there is no tracking of parcels for this cheap shipping alternative. Apart from that, the first time you order from iHerb, you need to verify your credit card with iHerb. What you can do is to call your credit card call centre and ask them the 6-digit authorization code for the online purchase that you've made. Then, go to this Contact page and feedback to iHerb on your authorization code. I prefer to use Live Chat to connect to the iHerb representatives which typically comes online around midnight Malaysia time. Once the representative has verified your authorization code, your parcel will be on the way to you!

So, I waited for about 15 days for the goods to arrive. I guess it's a small price to pay for cheap shipping cost. At least it proves that iHerb is a reliable online vitamins and supplements store that delivers. Another great thing about iHerb is that for your FIRST online order, if you use the referral code JUT477 during the ordering process, you are entitled to USD 5 discounts immediately!

So, what's in it for me? Well, if you use the code during your FIRST online order, you get USD 5 discount and I get some referral commission. Fair?? In summary, this is what you get where you order from iHerb online vitamins and supplements store:
  1. Much cheaper product price.
  2. Ship to Malaysia - not many online stores ship to our country
  3. Dirt cheap shipping cost - starts from USD 4 (depending on shipping weight).
  4. Reliable shipment - at least the supplements arrived as promised.
  5. Get discount for your first online order - using referral code JUT477
The drawback? I guess it would be slower and non trackable shipment, and first time credit card authorization. Of course, if you need your stuffs urgently, you can opt for better shipment options.


Anonymous said...

I was told that we would face some custom clearance problem when we purchase vitamins to be shipped to us.. is that right? I am hesitating...

jutamind said...

I've made my first purchase via iHerb (4lb package) and managed to get through the customs. I've my 2nd order and still waiting for the 2nd delivery.

So far, I dont see any problem yet with custom. I guess with small package, it will be less suspicious with the customs.

Also, in the delivery package, it's written with some description saying that the package was for personal usage etc.

Up to you to decide whether to order via iHerb or not, but remember to quote my referral code JUT477 for your first order.

Anonymous said...

Have quoted ur code as referral....:))

Anonymous said...

Have quoted ur code as referral....:))

jutamind said...


Thanks for using the referral code. I just received my 2nd shipment and this time it took 3 weeks to deliver. It's slow, but at least cheap and reliable.

So far, no issues with custom yet.

Carmela Tyng said...
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