May 6, 2011

Asset Allocation - End of March

Portfolio review for Q1 2011 has been way overdue and I would like to apologize for the delay in updates to my portfolio holdings and its performance. Based on my investment objectives for 2011, I've made significant changes to my unit trust portfolio.

At the beginning of the year, I've sold of Hwang-DBS Global Emerging Fund (HGEMF), Pheim Income Fund (PIF), Hong Leong Global Value Fund (GVF) and AmOasis Global Islamic Equity Fund (AmOasis) even though the first two funds have been generating positive returns to me. I've sold off HGEMF and bought AmGlobal Emerging Markets Opportunities (AmGEMO) because its comparative performance to HGEMF but with much lower sales charge at 2% on Fundsupermart online platform. I've also sold off PIF to concentrate on PB Fixed Income (PBFI) and AmDynamic Bond (AmDynamic) funds as my core fixed income holdings. As for GVF and AmOasis, I've hold these two funds for two and three years respectively and they have been underperforming their peers in the global equity and global islamic equity funds. Therefore, I sold off these funds at a small loss.
Ok, there goes the old stuff. Here's the addition of new funds to my portfolio based on this year's investment objectives. I've added OSK-UOB Malaysia Dividend Fund (MDF) as part of my local investment focus, which should bring consistent returns at a lower risk level. I've also purchased OSK-UOB Asian Growth Opportunities Fund (AGO), albeit at a smaller portion, to focus on Asia Pacific small capitalization stocks, since this fund is quite volatile. Therefore, more monitoring and profit taking mechanism is required for this fund. Finally, I bought into Pacific Global Agriculture, Infrastructure & Resources Fund (GAIR) to diversify my portfolio into resources investments, even though my allocation for this fund will be small.

I've also started Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) into OSK-UOB Tracker (TRACKER) and OSK-UOB Malaysia Dividend funds as my core holdings for domestic investments. I've also started another portfolio for education funds for my child, which will not be covered in this article.

Below is the snapshot of asset allocation for March 2011 and September 2010 for comparison purpose.

Sense of Money Asset Allocation - End of March 2011

Sense of Money Asset Allocation - End of September 2010

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