December 15, 2011

TMRewards - Earn Money with TM!

TMRewards is the latest Telekom Malaysia loyalty program which reward subscribers with one point for every RM1 spent. This loyalty program is open to consumers and businesses (by invitation only). Points accumulated can be redeemed for cash vouchers, and goods such as trolley luggage, kids toy, perfumes and etc. You can also use the points for TM bill rebate of RM5 for 500 points, subject to a maximum of RM200 bill rebate per year and only redeem once per account per month.

The great news is that if you sign up online now, you will be given for free 500 points. To sign up, just hop over to this link. All you need to register is your TM phone number and your email address.

While this doesnt qualify as a unique side income revenue stream, but at least you get something out of this loyalty program, especially the bill rebates and cash vouchers. So, register NOW since you only accumulate points for the current and future TM bills.

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