November 8, 2014

UPDATES: Comparison of historical dividends between Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020, Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia

Updates (as of 8 Nov, 2014): ASW2020 and AS1M FY 2014 dividend of 6.6 cents per unit.

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW 2020), Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) and Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS1M) are three of the most popular unit trusts funds from Perbadanan Nasional Berhad that are available for non-bumiputra. All these unit trust funds are fixed price funds at the price of RM 1.00. This means that you buy and sell at RM 1.00 irregardless of share market fluctuations.

ASW 2020 which was launched in 1996 is an equity income fund that is benchmarked against 3-months KLIBOR rate. ASM which was launched in year 2000 is an equity income fund that is benchmarked against 3-months KLIBOR rate. AS1M which was launched in year 2009 is an equity income fund that is benchmarked against average rate of 5-years government MGS bond.
Pre-year 2009, it seemed like ASW2020 outperformed ASM fund. However, since 2010, all three funds seemed to mirror each other in terms of performance even though the mandate, especially for AS1M, was slightly different. Moving forward, I expect the performance of these funds to trail each other, though, the returns is quite respectable in view of current low interest environment.

In summary, all these funds are behaving more like bonds with average returns of approximately 6% despite them being equity income funds. These funds will be suitable for those looking for stable and predictable returns over the long term that are far superior than the returns of fixed deposit rates and most of the bond funds.

Comparison of dividends between ASW 2020, ASM and AS1M


SWW said...

You should smell Madoff right here. 10% right off the bat then steadily drop over the years to 6+ %. Look, no fund in the history can steadily withdraw more than 5% from the invested capital and continuing growing and pay 6+% the next year - only pyramid scheme. How many Malaysia company can pay 6+ % dividend if you buy today? Unless they bought all their stocks in 1996 that are paying 6% dividend and then hold the stock till today with the underlying companies increase the dividend above 6% every year, (like the stock selling for 100/shr and pay $6 a year, and next year pay out $6.36...) And this is not including the 'superman' fund manager salary and expenses, the perks... Its just impossible or else the name of the manager should be known world wide like Warren Buffet.

Roscha said...

sww, I agree with you. I may not be a financial guru... but I have ears, eyes and some brain matter. That is why I call ASB a high quality ponzi scheme..LOL.. it's got some pretty strong backers. I have some money in ASB but I'm diversifying now. By the way, I'm not basing my conclusion on printed data or theory or insider knowledge. I just base it on common sense.

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