July 21, 2010

First Foray into Stock Investment

Recently, I've made some investments into stock market, in particular Sunway REIT (SUNREIT) and Capitamalls Malaysia Trust (CMMT). SUNREIT IPO-ed at RM0.88 for retail investors while CMMT IPO-ed at RM0.98.

While the price movement has been very mild since the IPO, I do not expect such stocks to have high appreciation as these stocks are mainly dividend stocks.

Why do i invest in REITs:
  1. Exposure to REIT sector, apart from existing investments in equity and bond unit trust funds.
  2. High Yield: the expected dividend from these stocks of around 7% is much higher than prevailing annual fixed deposit rates.
  3. Low volatility: Since i do not have much time to monitor the stock movements, these stocks are suitable for me due to its lower volatility.
I recommend our investors to have a good look at REIT since they are high yielding investments with potential of capital appreciation. In fact, the yield for M-REIT (Malaysian REIT) is one of the highest in the region.

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