October 5, 2009

Asset Allocation - End of September

Portfolio review has been missing for a few months. This is a deliberate decision from myself due to lack of investments for these few months. As witnessed, stock markets around the world have rocketed since the lows in mid March until end of September. Some of the most encouraging returns came from Asia Pacific ex Japan and emerging markets.

During the month of September, I've taken profit for some of the funds in my portfolio,  added Hong Leong Global Bond Fund into my stable of funds, and bought extra units in OSK-UOB Cash Management fund. In this review period, I've sold of some units from my Hwang-DBS Global Emerging Markets Fund (HGEMF) and Hong Leong Global Value Fund as well as took profit from OSK-UOB KLCI Tracker and Pheim Income Fund. The star performers during this month are HGEMFand Public Smallcap which have generated returns of 8.4% and 4.6% respectively.

Below is the snapshot of asset allocation for September and April for comparison purpose.

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